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Competition in the textile industry has been increasing severely and the only successful producers are those with top quality products. Cleaning of fly and dust from the production room is a major contributor to quality enhancement. Elegant Textile Engineering E.T.E. has introduced Trascar-Utit overhead traveling cleaners which are very efficient in performing this task. Further to their low maintenance requirements, they can be adopted to fit exactly on any existing or new spinning frame.



In the fine yarn counts field, the challenges are even bigger. Quality issues emerge despite taking the usual precautions in production stages. Far Trascar this is no surprise if the spinners transports the roving bobbins manually. This procedure negatively affects the roving quality and of course reflects on yarn quality. Therefore, Trascar-Utit ROVING BOBBIN TRANSPORT SYSTEM is the most suitable solution to help preserve the roving bobbin quality just as produced by the roving frame. The automation level of transport systems for this application can be customized following the customer’s need: Manual – Semi-automatic – Automatic. 



Another automatic transport system is also available for combing laps.

The final touch at the spinning mill is the packaging. Trascar-Utit offers a sophisticated cone transport and palletizing system especially designed to facilitate soring of different lots in production and minimize palletizing area. The precise pallet formation, weighing and labeling makes the pallet most representable to your spinning mill.