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Technical Details:
Grinding zone 200 mm width 25 mm width
Suitable for Small Cots like Ring Frame, Speed Frame, Elite etc. Long Cots like Draw Frame, Comber etc. +
Airjet, Rocos, Open End
Operation Automatic Feeding. Based on Servo controlled with
Touch Screen PLC / MMI and Diameter set software
Manual Feeding. Based on Hydraulic Table
Grinding range Ring & Speed Frame, Elite Roller:
Diameter ( 25 mm to 40 mm )
Length ( Maximum 190 mm )
Draw Frame / Comber Roller:
Diameter ( 20 mm to 100 mm )
Length ( Maximum 500 mm )
Diameter Setting Diameter set software provided. Means as per the
user's input, Machine will take Grinding cut. If Cot is
out of Diameter range then machine will reject it
Diameter to be set by Handwheel
Production capacity 300-325 Top Rollers per hour
Top Roller's box 1. Auto feeding box: For feeding Top Rollers N/A
2. Collection box: For collecting Ground Rollers
3. Rejection box: For collecting Rejected Rollers

Net / Gross weight
Packing Dimension
Machine: 1400 / 1600 Kg • Dust Collecting unit: 80 / 150 Kg
Machine: 2340 L x 1370 W x 1755 H • Dust Collecting unit: 915 L x 585 W x 1295 H (in mm)